Best 5 Skincare Lines

With so many skincare lines on the market these days, how do you know which ones are the best?  We have carefully chosen the 5 best skincare lines to consider.



Kinerase has long had a celebrity following. Dermatologists regard it highly as well. In fact, you will find it for sale in many of their offices. Kinerase products are formulated using a plant-based antioxidant called N6-furfuryladenine (kinetin).

Kinetin has been shown to stimulate skin cells deep down, which is believed to boost collagen and elastin in the skin to keep it plump and resilient. The brand stands out and ranks among the best because it has been designed for even the most sensitive skin types. Unlike most anti-aging brands, they do not use chemical exfoliants in their products.  Kinerase works on the surface skin layers so it is non-irritating to those with tender skin.  Those with sensitive skin wanting to prevent and correct aging will adore this line.




This brand is the newest of the bunch, but clearly deserves to be in the top 5. Those who are looking for natural skincare that delivers results will definitely want to try these products. Relevé  is the only line to use wildcrafted or organic whole food ingredients in each and every product.  There are no harmful toxins, chemical preservatives, or unnecessary fillers in any of their products and this is truly one of the most unique, research-based natural brands I have come across. While many natural skincare brands feel nice on the skin, they have a reputation for not containing the ingredients necessary to combat aging. This brand is different.

What is unique about this line is a special clay that they have exclusive rights to.  This clay contains over 80 rare minerals, making it wonderful for detoxification and anti-aging.  Relevé  has quickly become the choice of many green beauty experts. While there are only a small number of products in the line, they offer facial skincare, body care, and a sunscreen that was ranked as the safest on the market by the EWG in 2012.


Clarins skincare line


Clarins is a pioneer when it comes to using plant-based ingredients in skincare.  They were the first line to use a team of botanists to study how specific plants contain anti-aging properties and their research over the decades has been top-notch.  They also spend a great deal of time in the trial stage, conducting over 100 trials ensure what they are putting out is truly effective.  Clarins stands out when it comes to spa body care products and sunless tanning gels and creams, but what experts love the most are their potent anti-aging facial products.

While Clarins is no longer the only brand on the market using plant-based ingredients, they are still the best because of their research. Of all of the department store skincare brands, Clarins definitely is the most cutting edge in terms of their science. Products rival high end formulas used by spas at a fraction of the cost.


perricone md skincare

Perricone MD

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is a dermatologist who has used his expertise to craft a line of superior skincare products.  His patented technologies set him apart from other dermatologist-created brands. He was the first to realize the impact of DMAE on the skin and his products feature the latest of potent ingredients such as neuropeptides and cold plasma.

Perricone MD products are highly concentrated and tend to show results in a shorter time frame than other brands.  Dr. Perricone also has stressed the relationship between nutrition and aging for years, so he recommends that an anti-inflammatory diet be followed to produce maximum results with his products as part of a three-tiered program.  For those who are looking for potent active ingredients and with a keen interest in diet and exercise, Perricone MD is worth the splurge.




It may seem odd to see a drugstore brand on this list since there are so many incredible brands on the market, but Olay is no longer just that little pink bottle of lotion our mothers and grandmothers used to use.

Olay’s parent company, Procter & Gamble, has pumped millions of dollars into research and development to create affordable, yet effective, products.  Their advisory panel includes leading dermatologists, molecular biologists and chemists who all have a hand in the impressive science behind Olay.

Olay has several different ranges within the line and their Regenerist and Pro-X products are well-suited for those on a budget looking for anti-aging skincare that will work as well as expensive products. You won’t get fancy packaging or all the frills with Olay, but you will get a solid skincare line that delivers on its claims.


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